Author: Drew Howells

Upbeat trend in newest edition of Touchstones

UVSC released a volume full of red wagons, teen angst and accidental feces. The eleventh edition of UVSC’s Touchstones is a literary journal comprising compositions from around campus.
Published by the English Department, Touchstones has become a creative zenith for many of UVSC’s English majors.

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Team Uphoria sweeps elections

The banners that covered the campus are gone. The fliers that once were littering the hallway are a thing of the past, and cotton candy machines and fragrant popcorn no longer linger through the hall of flags.

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Paying the price of university

July 1, UVSC will take the next step in its evolution, becoming the newest university in the state. This long anticipated upgrade has prompted a lot of questions within the student body, and most of all they are asking, “How much will this cost me?”

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