Upbeat trend in newest edition of Touchstones

UVSC released a volume full of red wagons, teen angst and accidental feces. The eleventh edition of UVSC’s Touchstones is a literary journal comprising compositions from around campus.
Published by the English Department, Touchstones has become a creative zenith for many of UVSC’s English majors.

Team Uphoria sweeps elections

The banners that covered the campus are gone. The fliers that once were littering the hallway are a thing of the past, and cotton candy machines and fragrant popcorn no longer linger through the hall of flags.

Paying the price of university

July 1, UVSC will take the next step in its evolution, becoming the newest university in the state. This long anticipated upgrade has prompted a lot of questions within the student body, and most of all they are asking, “How much will this cost me?”

Using lies and rhetoric to protest Iraq on campus

Freedom of speech and the right to dissent – these are key to the creation and success of any great nation. The first amendment is essential to this nation, and when I saw a protester on campus from the group Veterans for Peace I knew that by defending the constitution it gave him his right to protest.

Water pipeline kills power to campus in late afternoon flood

At approximately 4:20 in the afternoon, the campus was plunged into darkness amidst the pending blizzard that plastered Utah. But the outage was not due to the storm, but a major waterline break that flooded the electrical distribution locker located in the student center on campus.

Passing of a Prophet

A world leader, and the LDS prophet of 15 years passes away, leaving behind a legacy of faith, service and devotion.