Author: Dave Gillespie

Football in theory and practice

It has been over a week since our big brother in Provo completed its dramatic victory over our sister from the North, 17-10. If there are lessons to be learned from this rivalry, it is this: UVSC students shouldn’t feel guilty for cheering BYU football and, second, if you are white and Mormon, do not bear your testimony to the media.

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Mormons should judge Reid by faith, not politics

It is ironic the way Mitt Romney and Harry Reid are represented in the Mormon faith. On one hand, you have the ever-loveable Mitt. Good looking, charming and most importantly, Republican-the kind of guy Saints like…no, love to proclaim as one of their own.

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Wiz of Wordsdom

In a recent newspaper interview, UVSC’s own and self-proclaimed Latter-day Saint Brian Birch talked about the Mormon people and their lack of political protesting. Such a point and argument provides an interesting debate. Birch, who seems to be "liberal" or, at least, an opponent of the Iraq War, feels Saints have too much patriotism, due to the belief "the United States was divinely instituted as a covenant land between God and members of His church, and that keeps some church members from challenging the government" and "speaking out" (i.e. marching protests).  The professor’s view on speaking out and protesting is a correct one. In all my life as a practicing Latter-day Saint, I have never heard of any members contacting their home teaching families for a good ‘ole "lets go hold signs of fetus" in the street campaign. In fact, protests such as those seen at General Conference, overall, have a negative effect on Mormons. Furthermore, the two vices and signs of the apocalypse-being a fan of Bill Clinton and/or Michael Moore-brought in hardly a protest, if one at all. During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, watergate, filegate, travelgate, etc. etc., there were no marches on Washington. And even the infamous Michael Moore visit to UVSC-which supposedly showed how afraid our conservative community is of free speech-only brought out forty protesters total! That is like an American civilization class going...

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