Author: Bobby Burnside

New Found Glory is here to stay

In September of 2000, Coral Springs, Florida pop-punk quartet New Found Glory (NFG) released a self-titled album of 12 songs. 10 years later, the band is touring in celebration of the album’s release. Opening the March 8 show at In The Venue in Salt Lake City was NFG sound-a-likes Fireworks, electro-nerd rockers Hellogoodbye and fellow punk rock veterans Saves The Day who warmed the stage with a flawless performance. Covering NFG’s amps were posters of the album art from the self-titled CD. The signature NFG logo of the band’s name printed from a colossal label maker dropped as the band got off to a running start with “Better Off Dead.” Within the first minute, singer Jordan Pundik’s mic shorted out, which apparently wasn’t necessary to begin with, seeing as how the crowd, in its enthusiasm, had taken over the vocals anyway. Pundik’s mic was replaced while the band started into “Dressed To Kill” with only momentary silence separating the two songs as drummer Cyrus Bolooki counted the rest of the band in. NFG allowed the crowd a minute to catch their breath as birthday boy/guitarist Chad Gilbert announced they would be playing every song from the self-titled disc in order. Beer-gutted bassist Ian Grushka excused his shirt for the remainder of the set and plucked the opening notes of bass-driven “Sincerely Me” which poured right into the fan favorite...

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Four Year Strong

Since their 2007 release of “Rise or Die Trying,” the happycore rockers comprising  Four Year Strong have kept busy touring nonstop and putting out a collection of 90s cover songs. Finally, on March 9 their most recent endeavor, “Enemy of the World,” will hit shelves as their first major label release. The first song, “It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now,” is a great indicator of the rest of the album. It maintains FYS’s signature sound, made up of Alan Day and Dan O’Conner’s dual vocals and shredding guitar riffs as well as Jake Massucco’s double-bass laden drums, Josh Lyford’s wacky synth melodies, Joe Weiss’ backbone bass-lines and gang vocals by the entire band. “Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)” is easily one of the highlights of the disc; it rocks like New Found Glory’s “Understatement” on speed. Synth-man Lyford makes his keys heard briefly, but it is definitely something that could have been used more throughout the album. Possibly the entire town of Worcester joins FYS to yell the last chorus of “Wasting Time” and then sticks around to shout through “Nineteen With Neck Tatz.” “Enemy” is not without the catchy chorus expected from FYS, and each song seems to stick in your head the way the gooey candy your mom regularly denied you as a child would stick to your hands. FYS shows their momentary soft...

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