Author: Ben Tullis

It’s time for “Life, the Universe & Everything”

“Life, the Universe, & Everything,” commonly referred to as LTUE, is the longest student run symposium on science fiction and fantasy in the nation, and students with a valid UVU ID can attend the three-day conference for free. “LTUE is comprised of panels, workshops, presentations, and papers on writing, art, literature, media, science and other aspects of speculative fiction,” according to the symposium’s website. In addition, each year LTUE brings a special guest of honor to give the keynote address. This year’s guest of honor is Orson Scott Card, most famous as the author of “Ender’s Game.” Other special...

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Purple parking problem

Photo by Melissa Henrie Construction workers are parking their cars in the already limited spaces in the free purple parking lot. “I’m furious about it. You have to arrive way early or pay to park closer,” said Sam Reece, a sophomore majoring in Biology. “It is ridiculously expensive to park outside [the purple parking lot].” As of fall 2013, a yellow parking pass costs $80 for three semesters or $50 for one semester. “The prices have gone up so much,” said Laura Andrus, a senior studying English Literature. “I don’t think I could afford a [pass].” The purple parking...

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Who exactly is in charge at the White House?

Harry Truman had a well-known saying:  “The buck stops here.” This phrase meant he took responsibility for everything that happened in his administration. President Obama also has a saying that he and his staff use often. This phrase is not always worded identically every time, but the idea is the same: the president had no idea about the scandal/situation/event (choose whichever word you prefer) beforehand. The underlying meaning is that Obama is not responsible for what happened. Let’s review.  Fast and Furious was a gun trafficking scandal that left a border patrol agent dead. According to Jay Carney, Obama’s press secretary, the president was not even aware of the scandal until he heard about it from the news media. There is also a scandal involving the IRS targeting conservative groups. Again, the administration announced they had no prior knowledge of the scandal and that, once again, the president found out about it from the media. Just a few more. Hang in there. The Justice Department hacked the phones of members of the Associated Press, but apparently Obama didn’t know anything about that. Obama was allegedly not aware that the NSA was spying on world leaders. The White House also announced that the president was not even aware of the problems with the website associated with his signature piece of legislation, commonly known as Obamacare. All of these denials...

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