Skin pigmentation is all it is

It is with great pride that I hereby state that skin pigment is no longer more than a trivial issue that can be overcome. The moment when the world gathered to keenly listen to the result of the election was quite telling, and it’s impossible to convey in cold print the electric atmosphere of that night.

Wolverine soccer club finds success

Playing with pace and attacking intent, the UVU men’s soccer club team has won praise from players and fans in the region. For the first time in the institution’s history, UVU men’s soccer represented the university in the best league in Utah. Moreover, they successfully accomplished the daunting task of beating the best team in the premier league, Olympique Montreux 3-1 at home, hence creating history and encouraging a lot of attention from all over by being the only team to cause such a major upset.

Intramurals at a glance

Monday 27th The intramural department is hosting a live sports night for NFL: Indiana Colts face off with the Tennessee Titans at 6 p.m. The match is tipped to be a cracker, and it surely will not disappoint. In addition, there will be free pizza and drinks.

UVU champions arise

Truth is the strongest instrument, so why not embrace it? There are only two universities in the world: UVU and the rest. I am proud to be part and parcel as a pioneer student in this great institution, this being the first year of university status.