Things to do this summer in Salt Lake

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By: Cameron Simek Life Editor




So, we’ve tried to cover all the things to do in the Happy Valley. Whether it be for couples or for you single students out there. Those who commute, however, may be feeling a little left out. Fear not, we have you covered.


Salt Lake holds the possibility for a few fun days this summer, maybe more, depending on your appreciation of music.


The most obvious idea is the Hogle Zoo. It’s always a fun place to go and spend an afternoon. The big draw this summer is the Lego animals exhibit. Much like the dinosaurs prowling around the park last year, this season holds a great surprise for visitors: animals constructed entirely of Lego.


Admission is $12.75, but there are coupons available to help with the fee if it seems a little pricey. Just check the Hogle Zoo website for details.


If the zoo isn’t your thing then there are always concerts happening in many of Salt Lake’s venues. Salt Lake City has had a reputation for music and is large enough to have multiple venues that generally have bands playing most nights. If you’re wondering what to see you can find a local Graywhale for a concert schedule.


They may not be bands you like, but concerts are a great experience for a night. Just make sure you don’t have work the next day because you might end up a little sore if you enjoy it too much.


If you’re not into the local scene, major tours always roll through the valley. Some upcoming notable concerts are The Barenaked Ladies, Warped Tour, and Stadium of Fire.


If you’re a fan of comedy, Salt Lake is home to a few different comedy clubs. The most notable of which is Wiseguys Comedy Club. This comedy club generally has better-known comedians on the weekends, but they host local comedians and open-mic nights during the week.


If you’re feeling funny, you can give it a shot yourself and watch other local comedians as they start on their journey to stardom.


So, animals, music and comedy are all on the list for things to do this summer in Salt Lake. But what if you don’t like any of those things? Well, there’s always shopping to do, and Salt Lake has you covered in that regard.


Salt Lake is home to a couple of large malls that draw in people from all over the area including the Gateway and City Creek. The Gateway is the older of the two, but it’s still a great place to go and take an afternoon spending money or just window-shopping. It’s also going to be home to the planned Lego store sometime this year.


City Creek is the newest addition to the shopping scene in downtown Salt Lake and it is quite a beautiful addition. With many upscale shopping areas and a food court with a few interesting and delicious choices, there is something for everyone there. As long as you have a large wallet, that is.


So if you feel like you have nothing to do this summer, think again, because there’s always fun to be had if you know where to look.

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