‘The Band Camino’ sells out The Complex

Photo by Clara Araujo

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The Nashville-based band came to Utah to perform at the Complex on March 29. Tickets sold out fast. The Band Camino is currently on tour to celebrate their debut album released on Sept. 2021 via Elektra. They were accompanied by Flor and Hastings who were their opening acts.

Doors opened at 6 p.m. and the line wrapped around the building. As soon as it opened people were running to get a good spot. Inside, music was playing as crewmembers were setting up. As soon as anyone walked into the stage the crowd would cheer, waiting for the concert to start. In the meantime, fans were in line to buy merch from the bands. 

Hastings opened up the concert and started warming people up. It was his first concert in Utah and the crowd was excited. I had never heard of him before, but his songs were incredible, and his stage presence too. As soon as he was done singing I saved his song “Chapstick” to my playlist, which was a personal favorite. 

Flor was up next and the crowd was excited to listen to them. The band is based in Oregon and have  been playing since 2014. They are well known in Utah and have played here a few times. Their setup was super fun and I loved watching Zach Grace play the guitar and the piano. His stage presence and interactions with the crowd were phenomenal. If you don’t know who they are, be sure to listen to “Skate.” The band has a new album coming out soon titled “Future Shine,” out May 6.

As soon as Flor announced The Band Camino, the crowd went wild. They had been waiting all night to watch them play. The last time they were in Utah was two years ago and they were surprised to see a full house of 2,500 people who came out to see them. I could not tell who was more excited – the crowd or the band. Jeffery Jordan, the lead singer was very enthusiastic and interacted with the crowd, holding their hands while singing and sitting directly in front of them. Someone in the audience handed him roses, while they performed their song titled “Roses.” He held the flowers and danced with them after thanking the person. That was by far, my favorite performance of the night. 

Another great song performed was “1 Last Cigarette.” The song really showcases the nature and talent of the band. Its electrifying guitar-driven sound excited the fans who were singing all the lyrics and dancing to it. At some point, Jordan even took off his shirt. 

I loved listening to all the performances, but especially The Band Camino. Their self-titled debut album has no skip songs, and they have great energy on stage. I highly recommend listening to “Roses,” “1 Last Cigarette” and “Help me get over you.”

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