Gun laws in Utah

Reading Time: 1 minute Students at UVU seem to agree for the most part regarding gun laws.

Reading Time: 1 minute

With the shooting last week, many wonder what is to be done about firearms. When it comes to guns, candidates have very different views and so do students. Many students have thoughts about the current state laws regarding guns in Utah. Following are some comments made on the subject.

How do you feel about gun laws? Do you feel safer with more or less restriction?

“Guns scare me.” Brittany Buttars

“We ought to be able to have them if we so choose. I feel more safe with less restriction.” Taylor Lindsey

“You don’t have to get a background check to have a gun. You can walk out of the prison and go buy a gun.” Nick Rich

“The people that use the guns for crime are the ones who won’t follow the restrictions.” Brent Dean

“I think it should depend on the amount of crime. It’s a privilege, if you take advantage of the privilege then you lose it.” Camilo Villagra

“I think if you’re talking about a different country then maybe you need more restrictions, but like here in Utah I don’t think a Mormon is going to come knock on your door with a gun.” Katrina Vergara

“You should probably get a background check in order to have a gun. We don’t want just anyone to have a gun.” Aisha Johnson

“Some people don’t follow restrictions. People who aren’t going to follow laws aren’t going to follow laws.” Nic Allphin

“In other countries that have little to no restrictions, the crime rate is lower. Restrictions just restrict the ability of the people who follow the laws.” David Miller

In the state of Utah, it seems that most people agree when it comes to guns. Less restriction sounds safer to many, but each state believes differently on the subject.

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