5 date ideas to make this Valentine’s Day memorable

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, couples everywhere are trying to plan the “perfect date.” You could go out to dinner at your date’s favorite restaurant, or take them out to the movies. Although the usual ideas aren’t bad, there are other options to make this year’s Valentine’s Day truly unique. Here are some date ideas in the Orem and Provo area to make this Valentine’s memorable.

Escape Rooms: In escape rooms like Escapes in Times and Getout Games, couples must work together to solve clues to unlock the room they’re trapped in against time ticking away. These are even more fun with a group. There are several different challenges and settings of the rooms, such as the Egyptian room and zombie room at Getout Games.

Comedy Shows: ImprovBroadway, ComedySportz and Dry Bar Comedy are great options for a night full of laughter. ImprovBroadway and ComedySports focus on quick wit for jokes on the spot. Dry Bar Comedy features a variety of comedians for a night filled with clean humor.

In a past article of the UVU Review featuring the Dry Bar Comedy Club, comedian Tom Mabe from Kentucky said, “I’ve been doing [comedy] for 17 years, and I have always wanted my shows to be family friendly. One doesn’t have to be crude to make people laugh.”

Trampoline Parks: If you’re in the mood for something adventurous, make a stop at Get Air Hang Time in Orem or Lowe’s Extreme Air Sports in Provo. These trampoline filled arenas allow you to jump into foam pits, and really impress your date by showing off your perfected backflip. Lowe’s Extreme Air Sports features a Spider Climb and a Ninja Warrior Course.

The Soap Factory: Just like the name suggests, The Soap Factory is an opportunity for people to make unique bars of soap. Don’t think you’ll come in and leave with plain old-fashioned soap. You will have the opportunity to express your creativity and turn your soap into your own piece of art. You can also make other things such as scrubs, lotions, lip balms and more.

VR Junkies: The virtual reality arcade on University Parkway in Orem is a great way to take the classic arcade date to a new level. It will be a chance for you and your date to experience the virtual reality craze first-hand through a variety of different games, including a zombie shooter game where you can measure how well you’d survive a zombie apocalypse.

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