Week 1 Fantasy Preview

Season kicks off with Steelers and Patriots on Thursday night

Kyle McDonald | Sports editor | @kylesportsbias

As the NFL season finally arrives this evening, it is time to take a look at the upcoming week’s matches in the Sports Writers fantasy league.

The Slammin’ Fortes are an underdog going into their season opener against Breesus King of the Drews.  This might have to do with the fact as of this article they still have wide receiver Martavis Bryant in their starting lineup even though he is suspended for the first four games of the season.  But with Jamaal Charles and Matt Forte in the backfield and Tom Brady playing with a chip on his shoulder it could be enough to overcome Drew Brees and company.  Breesus is just a five point favorite to win so this will be a match worth watching.

It is an interesting matchup between Mr. Sports Editor and Here So I Don’t Get Fined.  A lack of running back depth and a stupid trade hurt Mr. Sports Editor but with Dez Bryant and Emmanuel Sanders at the wide receiver position, nothing is impossible.  Fined has the advantage in the running back department with beast mode Marshawn Lynch and well-rounded back Justin Forsett.  She also has Peyton Manning as her quarterback.  Mr. Sports Editor is a 13.5-point favorite in this one but it will be closer than that.

Easy G and Poff for America are the third game on the schedule and Easy G comes in as an 8.8-point favorite.  He will rely heavily on quarterback Andrew Luck and wide receiver Antonio Brown in this one and he is putting a lot of trust in running backs Jeremy Hill and Lamar Miller to put him over the hump.  Poff has an interesting lineup that features NFL rushing champ DeMarco Murray as well as top wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.  The big question for Poff is: will quarterback Russell Wilson put up big numbers?

Amazing St. Patrick’s and Laser Snakes is the game to watch.  Amazing St. Patrick’s will see if their pick of Toby Gerhart early in the draft will pay off and Laser Snakes is hoping that auto-drafting didn’t kill his team.  Laser Snakes is a 12.4-point favorite and if running back LeSean McCoy is healthy and ready to play it would help immensely.  St. Patrick’s will counter with All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers as well as tight end Jimmy Graham.  Should be a fun one to watch.

Finally we come to the last game of the week and probably the most even matchup of them all.  Victory Formation takes on Las Vegas Locos with Locos being a two-point favorite in this one.  Running back Adrian Peterson anchors the Locos but he faces stiff competition as Eddie Lacy mans the backfield for Victory.  It might come down to the quarterback play and Victory has the edge there with Big Ben Roethlisberger under center compared to Ryan Tannehill for Locos.  It will be a good matchup either way and one that fans should keep an eye on.

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