NFL Lockout a Myth

In the news you hear things that are vague and insight fear.  For all the NFL fans this supposed lockout has been the sporting equivalent to the Iran Contra conflict during the 1980’s. As the countdown grew to day 130 of the lockout, it became completely obvious that this was all a ruse and we were never in danger of losing any games.

Of course the Iran comparison is a bit over the top, but it points out the lost priorities of this nation.  We all love sports, at least those reading this, but there comes a tipping point where we need to keep things in perspective.

If you were seriously scared that you might not get to renew your NFL season ticket with your satellite provider, then you might need to check yourself.

Not many people would mind missing a game quarterbacked by Charlie Batch, throwing to Emmanuel Sanders.

Missing that thriller of a game, just may lead to you spending a day with your special someone, and because of that opportunity she becomes your significant other.  Let’s see, Charlie Batch or a long lasting, meaningful relationship?  That’s a tough one.

With a business that makes over $10 billion per year, there was never any serious chance that we would lose even one preseason game.  The pundits are proclaiming winners and losers but all you have to do is look at the balance of power.  If the owners really wanted something, and were willing to fight for it, we would still have a lockout.  The owners would be fine during the work stoppage, but players that haven’t been paid all summer and blew what they had are now defaulting faster than our nation at the moment.

The players need those game checks in a bad way, yet somehow, out of a weaker position, they hammered out a deal that is favorable and will be a benefit to the players and the league in the long run.  While the deal is equitable for both sides, the players just saved their skins this weekend.

We are all glad that football is back after a hundred some odd days.  If you think about it though, all we missed was some sweaty guys running around in a helmet, shorts, and a t-shirt.  Now that things are “back”, we will start the pre-season hype as if nothing had ever happened.

Enjoy sports, enjoy the NFL, but most of all, enjoy life.

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