Hunsaker’s jacket puts him second to none

Image by Dave Iba/UVU Review

When a sports fan thinks of the greatest coaches in college sports history, normally they are critiqued according to the number of championships won.  However, yet another standard often used to measure a coach’s reputation is their wardrobe.

Jim Tressel Ohio State Buckeyes football coach: three appearances in the College National Championship, winning the title in 2002, five Big-10 Championships in the last seven years and a sweater vest that just won’t quit.

Paul Bear Bryant college football coach: most notably with the Alabama Crimson Tide, five-time Associated Press national champion, 37 winning seasons with four different schools and last but certainly not least, the most famous center dent fedora hat in college sports history.

UVU basketball has not yet reached the likes of these coaches in terms of hardware, but where they lack in banners hanging from the rafters, men’s head basketball coach Dick Hunsaker makes up with his keen sense of style.

Most nights Hunsaker dons a conservative black or brown suit with a solid colored tie but that is not what sets him apart. Hunsaker’s ticket to college sports immortality will come from no other ensemble than “the Jacket.”

On the nights that Hunsaker unveils the legendary jacket, all those watching know that he means business.

The jacket is not just your average sport coat. Green and yellow wolverine colors mixed in a plaid formation have been known to capture a few double takes from spectators. It is a jacket many would call a fashion faux pas, but coach Hunsaker may be the only person who can pull it off.

It’s a new season and the UVU men’s basketball team is missing some valuable pieces from last year’s team. The Wolverines may struggle this year, but we can always guarantee Hunsaker will look good and maybe give the Wolverine fans a spark of hope.

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