BCS breaker?

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In the early BCS rankings, Boise State is sitting pretty in the top five along with Florida, Alabama, Texas and Cincinnati. The Broncos are the only non-automatic qualifier among their counterparts on the top of the list. Boise State’s schedule is obviously not as tough as the others; however, the Broncos may hold the key to breaking down the BCS if they can make it to the national championship game.

Contrary to the opinion of college football fans in these parts, the Broncos making it into the title game could prove beneficial for the local programs and non-automatic qualifiers throughout the country.

After U of U ran the table in 2008 and knocked off Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, a team that had been ranked number one for much of the season, the Mountain West Conference did its best to make a case to the BCS that the system isn’t fair to the little guys. Although this bout ultimately fell short, a Bronco title run could begin to chip away at the BCS.

Non-automatic qualifiers such as Utah, BYU and BSU can pitch a fit all they want, but until a USC, or Florida begins to echo their statements nothing will change.

If BSU were to somehow squeeze its way into the title game in Pasadena over a one-loss Florida team, or a one-loss USC or Texas the BCS would finally catch some heat from the big boys. This may in fact be the tipping point for the BCS.

If the complaint were from a team like Florida or USC, the message would carry much more weight. The BCS has been scripted to cater to the teams from the automatic qualifying conferences. If one of their own was to be locked out of the system, the BCS may begin to crumble.

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