It’s no secret that the Utah Jazz have struggled since the days of Stockton and Malone. This is a rebuilding period. After having a decent start to the season (12-7), they have gone on to lose 11 of their last 14 games on the road. They have lost Deron Williams but now have former All-Star point guard Devin Harris.


However, Harris isn’t playing his best basketball. His numbers are down in many categories. Only his 3-point shooting and blocks are above his career averages. Should the Jazz trade the guard Devin Harris and some others for some fame? What if the Jazz landed a franchise player like a Dwight Howard?


UVU student Tanner Holt said, “Man it would be amazing, there would be a buzz in the arena again.”


General manager Kevin O’Connor has a few options he can look at. Realistically if the Jazz wanted to get a big name like Dwight Howard, they would have to throw away two or three young core pieces to the Jazz’s team. Derrick Favors, Alec Burks and Jeremy Evans are just too young and valuable.


Ticket sales and Jazz merchandise would raise, Utah would be represented in All-Star games and the Jazz would have more TV exposure. Realistically, Howard is only interested in three teams: the LA Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and the New Jersey Nets.  The Jazz would basically have to throw their future and team away for one player.


They could trade a few players like Millsap and Kanter to get a more popular player like Ray Allen, but this does not help the Jazz’s future.


Although Devin Harris is struggling, the Jazz could stay patient with him. The Jazz have always depended on great play from the point guard. John Stockton and Deron Williams were key pieces in the Jazz’s success.


“Obviously, I can’t be happy with the way I’ve been performing lately,” Harris recently told The Salt Lake Tribune. “I’m just focusing on being effective. They want me to push the ball more; I’ve got to play more in transition, and that’s what I’m trying to focus on doing.”


The Jazz have seven players on their roster who are under 25 years old. Four of those players are under 21 in Burks, Favors, Hayward and Kanter. It’s unusual to have that many young good players on one team in the NBA.


Although inexperience is the Jazz’s kryptonite, their young talent and potential is their strength.

By Jon Paul
Staff Writer