Taking control early, the Wolverines scored and looked to beat University of Idaho on their home field 1-0. That was until U of I scored with less than eight minutes left in regulation that tied the game 1-1 and pushed it into double overtime.

Beginning overtime the Wolverines were reminded that they haven’t lost a home game this season. They also just came off a four game losing streak on the road and couldn’t afford another loss.

Taking care of unfinished business, Lauren Bluth broke up a play near midfield, then Bluth connected with a waiting Jennifer Lohner, who crossed it to an open Adrienne Schneider, who smashed it in for the win in double overtime.

“It was the most amazing goal I’ve seen all season,” said Head Coach Brent Anderson. It was a great team goal close to the end of the double overtime that put UVU on top.

“Well, I wasn’t fearful we would lose that game. I just didn’t know how we were going to win it. But when we finally got our rhythm back, I could see the possibilities. I wasn’t concerned,” said Anderson after the win.

Idaho was a tough team to beat according to Anderson. They play very well together; they are a strong team and hard to break down.

“I was happy with our girls. When they were patient and built the attack up, they had success. We lost that in the second half. We were just forcing the ball forward and we lost our rhythm. That allowed University of Idaho to take advantage,” said Anderson said.

Schneider, who scored the winning goal, said, “We definitely have learned from our losses. We are definitely confident now. It’s good to have the experience in overtime, but we would rather not let it get to overtime.”

Anderson’s concern for his team has been getting the ball to his forwards. “Connecting with forwards, at times they did very good — when we were patient, when our forwards were checking out the line and we were able to find them. We lost that rhythm in the second half, and we weren’t able to find our forwards putting the ball forward and hoping they could run on to it. I don’t think that is a good rhythm for our team and it doesn’t help us score any goals because we lose possession too much.”

UVU, now with a record of 6-4-1, beating off NJIT, looks to focus on winning on the road. Anderson said, “We are going on the road now where we haven’t had success.”