Playing with pace and attacking intent, the UVU men’s soccer club team has won praise from players and fans in the region. For the first time in the institution’s history, UVU men’s soccer represented the university in the best league in Utah. Moreover, they successfully accomplished the daunting task of beating the best team in the premier league, Olympique Montreux 3-1 at home, hence creating history and encouraging a lot of attention from all over by being the only team to cause such a major upset.

Within one season, the Wolverines have turned from being a recreational club to an impressive soccer club, through dedication to training four days a week coupled with a game on Saturday. The team has been contributing funds to cater for team engagements such as referee fees, paint and equipment. In addition, the team has displayed great depth in hard work and commitment.

The team boasts of being the most diversified club at UVU with over twelve nationalities represented. The team embarked on greater aspirations by representing the Wolverines in the National Intramural Regional Soccer Championships held at Weber state. Despite being eliminated by Oregon State after a marginal win, the team, held their heads high after demolishing Idaho State 5-1. This was an impressive feat for the team, having only been training for one season.

The days of not being recognized as a menacing team are long gone, as they have elevated themselves to the position of serious contenders for cups. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Sir Kemal Makasci took over as the head coach. Rules, routines and expectations have been implemented, and the team has been training hard both physically and tactically under the watchful eye of Makasci, who played professional soccer for 11 years and is among a select few in the world who hold the FIFA license A for coaches.

Apart from introducing Wolverines soccer to society and earning the respect of fans and rivals, the team members have learned the virtues of hard work, team spirit, respect, sharing and commitment. The personal improvement of skills and physique are astounding.

While soccer is not the most popular sport in the United States, its growth is phenomenal. More than 70 students have participated since April.

The team is getting ready for the next season with a lot of enthusiasm of greater elevation. The team is currently getting ready for indoor soccer and other physical buildup, to ensure consistency, adaptability and improvement.