Last Tuesday the women’s volleyball team swept Seattle University — the first time these two teams have met. When the game got close, the Wolverines played solid, not letting SU believe they could win a set, crushing any hopes of winning.

Anytime SU cooked up a good streak UVU’s defense came up big to stop the attack. Although the game ended with the Wolverines winning all three sets, head coach Sam Atoa says it was a game of adjustments.

“Every team is different in how they play,” said head coach Sam Atoa. “We adjusted to what their athletes were able to do, so our job on defense was to adjust to what the other team was doing on offense.”

Seattle nipped at the heels of the Wolverines all three sets (25-19, 25-21, 25-0). Seattle couldn’t get over the hump and win a set.

“Seattle kept their hitters in front of our setter,” Atoa said. “We made the adjustment by attacking on the right side of the net.” This tactic proved to be successful.

Another part of the team’s success was its defense against SU. By sliding a blocker to the front of the net, the Wolverines found a niche. The Wolverines are especially good when middle blocker Kristin Anderson slides to give us blocks.

Kayli Broadbent, UVU’s best offensive hitter, led the team with 11 kills for the night, and for the year she totals 194 kills.

“Kayli, as young as she is as a sophomore, she is just powerful,” Atoa said. “She is getting better everyday and every game.”

Broadbent is a valuable asset to the team as she gets better. Atoa said that Broadbent’s experience will help her step up to lead the rest of the teammates, who are merely freshmen. “She just brings so much excitement as she spikes the ball down.”