Being female, people will often ask me how I got so into sports and why I wanted to go into sports writing.
I can attribute both of those things to my father and my brother.

I love the world of sports and I have both of them to thank for my knowledge of sports and the love I have for the game.

Sure, I played softball and soccer growing up and soccer competitively in high school, but the passion I have for sports came from my father and brother.

As a kid, I enjoyed watching games on television with my father. While I was still learning about different sports, I would often have to ask him to clarify certain rules of the game or what the call that was made meant and he would always answer my questions, always taught me about the game.

I remember laying in bed at night while my parents watched the Utah Jazz games and remember hearing them scream and shout excitedly or yell at the television as John Stockton, Karl Malone and Jeff Hornacek played their hearts out.

My brother and I both share a love of the Boston Red Sox. In 2007, I watched every World Series game with him and my father and watched the Sox take the series. My father was disappointed, as he is a Colorado Rockies fan and was rooting for them, but it was fantastic for my brother and me to see our team win.

Growing up in Utah County, I was raised as an avid BYU fan. Watching BYU football on television with my father created memories I will cherish forever and is something I look forward to each season.

I still love talking sports with my father and brother. My father and I will talk BYU football while my brother and I exchange conversation about our team, the Red Sox.

Over the last three years, I have covered Wolverine athletics. I have been able to now share my knowledge with both of them and teach them about my teams. Growing up, I may have bled blue – and may still from time to time – but I now bleed green and can share with them what I know.

To this day, I love watching sports with my father and my brother. Football on Thanksgiving will be fantastic and I can’t wait.