UVU cyclist Pat Terry, on left, competes in a past race. Courtesy of UVU Cycling

Did you know that we have a cycling team and club? Well, we do! The cycling club was present at club rush last week in the Hall of Flags, just in case you missed them.

The cycling club started two years ago and their advisor is Andrew Creer, professor of Physiology.

“Most clubs come and go, but we are permanent, thanks to the help of our advisor,” said Mason Law, vice president of the cycling club.

The cycling club is open for anyone to join and they even have a team that competes against other universities. Joining the club costs only $25, which includes membership in the club, as well as a UVU cycling T-shirt, a water bottle and a discount at the SBR Sports bike shop in Orem, located at 400 N. and State Street.

The club meets every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at SBR Sports to go on bike rides.

Encouraging students to join, Law said, “No one needs to be intimidated. I felt intimidated when I first started because I didn’t have a nice bike, but you don’t need an expensive bike. Everyone is welcome and all types of bikes are welcome, too.”

The team races against BYU, the University of Utah, Utah State University and UNLV. Last year, the cycling team hosted the conference finals here on campus and at West Mountain, located south of Utah Lake. It was significant for the cycling team to host because the racers were competing to make it to nationals.

The club goes on rides, races, fixes bikes and teaches others about cycling and nutrition. According to their blog, their mission is to promote cycling, whether it’s recreational cycling or racing.

For more information regarding the cycling team, visit their blog at www.UVUCyclingTeam.blogspot.com