The Utah Valley University lacrosse team played rival Brigham Young University in a nail biting face-off Feb. 27.

Held at BYU’s North University Field, spectators filled the stands to overflowing to watch the teams compete neck and neck until BYU took the lead in the fourth quarter to win the game 15-10.

As a division II team, the Wolverines kept up with division I BYU with amazing consistency. The end of the first quarter brought a score of 3-2 with UVU in the lead. Halftime ended with a tie of 5-5, the commentator of the game announcing that the teams were at even strength.

In the third quarter BYU took the lead in a score of 9-8. With much tension in the crowd, spectators watched as BYU made a run of six goals to UVU’s two in the final quarter to win the game.


UVU coach Kevin Perkins stated that this has been the biggest game so far this year. “We’re division II, they’re division I,” said Perkins. “We stayed with them for three quarters.”

Cory Heward played a phenomenal game in the cage as goalie as did midfielder, Trevor McCann, who scored three goals and aided with an assist. Ryan Cantwell also played exceptionally well on defense.

Heward believes that UVU has a team superior to that of BYU and the Wolverines should have won. “We did play our game,” said Heward. “But we couldn’t do the fundamentals like pass or catch the ball and that was a huge downfall to the game.”

The team will next play Westminster, who they have defeated three times in the last year. That game will take place on Sat. March 13.