Over the last three years, I have had the unique opportunity to be part of one of the greatest student organizations on this campus, the UVU Review.

I remember making my way into the newsroom three years ago in the student center after a professor strongly urged me to go write for the student newspaper. I will be honest – I wasn’t excited. I didn’t want to write for the paper, but it was a requirement for that class.

As I walked into the newsroom, one of the staff members, Jennie Nicholls-Smith, the editor-at-large at the time and last year’s editor-in-chief, welcomed me, talked with me about journalism and got me started with an application.

I filled out the application and walked out completely terrified of that place. The newsroom intimidated me, but little did I know it would become my home for the next three years and the people I would work with would become my family.

I started out as a staff writer writing articles for sports and news. Over the first semester, I quickly realized that sports writing was my forte and it was the direction I should go. I dedicated myself over the next two semesters and the summer to being an active part of the sports staff, covering primarily women’s basketball and some cross-country.

My second year on the staff I was hired as the assistant sports editor to work under Matt Beaudin, the sports editor at the time. Matt taught me a great deal about sports writing, covering games and working with the coaches and athletes. I owe my beginnings in sports writing to Matt and thank him for all he taught me.

During my second year, I was introduced to one of the school’s most phenomenal athletic teams: women’s volleyball. I had the opportunity to cover many games and write profiles on some of the seniors. Soon, covering the lady Wolverine volleyball team became my favorite moments of that second year.

Also during my second year, I was able to begin traveling with the UVU Review staff to college media conferences held that year in Austin, Tx., and New York City to learn from many professionals and other college journalists. I will never forget these opportunities where I was able to network and learn a great deal about the journalism industry.

This last year has been absolutely fantastic. I have covered volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball and softball. Again I was able to travel with the UVU Review to Louisville, Ky., and New York City.

I would like to thank the UVU athletics department for working with me so closely over the last year and thank them for the support of the UVU Review. The sports information directors Clint Burgi and James Warnick have been great colleagues to work with.

I would also like to thank the many UVU coaches and athletes I have had the chance to meet and come to know during my time as a reporter. UVU has so many talented athletes and an even better athletics department.

The UVU Review staff that I have worked with over the last year has been great. I not only have had the opportunity to know them professionally, they have become my family away from my family.

I would like to thank my fellow editors David Newlin, Emma Samudio, Andrea Whatcott, Mindy Harward, Celeste Rosenlof, Nadia Ashtawy and John-Ross Boyce, as well as my assistant Nate Gray. These people have been a pleasure to work with and have taught me so much.

I would also like to thank Brent Sumner, advisor for the UVU Review, for always pushing me to become a better writer and try new things with the section.

I urge all students, no matter your age or year in school, to attend the athletic events. UVU athletics doesn’t only have phenomenal athletes, but there is a spirit and a passion that you will encounter when you attend the games. The athletes need supporters and you won’t regret going to the games.

To all of our readers, I hope you have enjoyed the sports coverage we have brought you over the last year. I care so much about the sports section and even more about the UVU Review and wish the next sports editor and his staff the best of luck.