Condolences may be sent to [email protected]

Death is a difficult thing to face. And for most college students it is not something we have to think much about. But at this time, we, the UVU Review staff ask you to take a minute and think about it.

Recently, the UVU Review staff received devastating news, that one of our own, Michael Fackrell, had passed away on Dec. 29.

Michael was born and raised in the Provo/Orem area, and graduated from Mountain View High School. He was expected to graduate at UVU with his degree in graphic design this spring.

Michael shared his talents with the UVU Review, as well as all of you, by capturing our favorite UVU athletes in action.

Our staff will miss him and his incredible efforts. And we extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to his family and close friends, particuarly his parents Kenneth and Joan Fackrell and his precious daughter Brooklyn.

Our greatest hope in this time of sorrow is for his family to be granted peace.

Michael’s funeral was held last Tuesday in Orem.

We encourage fellow students to extend their hand of sympathy to his family as well. Condolences may be sent to [email protected].

Michael was not just one of our own, the UVU Review’s, but one of your own, UVU’s, as well as this whole Valley’s.


The UVU Review