Do you ever find yourself rooting for and cheering against the same thing sometimes? There is no way in good conscience anyone can say that they hate the sports worlds most popular bad player and Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow.


Right off I will tell you I am going to refrain from all the puns that are out there with his name. This points to my conflicted opinion of Mr. Tebow. He is a genuinely good guy and all-around decent human being. At the same time, I get fed up with all the Tebow talk pretty quick.


I have not been a big fan of Florida, Tebow’s alma-mater. I am even less of a fan of Urban Meyer, so the Tebow era for the Gators didn’t do much for me. As a transplant Lions fan I get pretty sick of all the Broncos talk as well in our area.


So personally, I have nothing invested in whether he succeeds or fails. Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young on ESPN had this to say: “He is a terrible quaterback….You can’t win a championship playing that style of football in today’s league.”


Another pundit said that he has set football back to 1974 with the way he plays. Since I have been so personal this far, I will go ahead and venture this opinion: Tebow is not a quarterback and the NFL will figure out how to stop him.


The wonderful dichotomy that sports presents is that while that is my personal opinion, I also want him to do well personally. I could care less if the Broncos ever win more than some regular season games mid-season but I feel a tug on my heartstrings to see his wins column increase.


His style of play somewhat reflects how he lives his life. Don’t make mistakes, take advantage of good opportunities when presented, and work your butt off. If you don’t like that then that’s a ‘you’ problem, not a Tebow problem.


Thursday’s game against the Jets typifies this. His defense played the game of its life and until the final drive the only touchdown for the Broncos came on a pick-six interception return for a touchdown. Then, with everything on the line and down three points, Tebow drove the ball 95 yards and scored on a 20-yard touchdown run to seal the deal for Denver.


With what can only be described as a less-than-stellar offensive game, he brought them to victory square on his shoulders. Denver had just over 200 yards of total offense and nearly half came on that final drive.


John Elway may be famous for “The Drive” against Cleveland, but after Tebow’s second game-winning drive this season, Tebow may end up being famous for “The Drives.” The one thing I agree with is that the Boy Wonder will never get a sniff of Elway’s two title,s but he may just be the most marketable and statistically terrible player to ever play the game.


I hope I’m wrong and that he has all the success in the world. If he can manage a championship at any point he will dethrone Trent Dilfer as the worst quarterback to ever don a Super Bowl champion hat and ring. Hopefully Dilfers ESPN spot will be next.