Jordahn Denny continues  treatment at a physical rehabilitation center near Denver where she keeps pushing harder to heal and to build her strength following an automobile accident in May that paralyzed her from the mid-torso down.

Despite constant pain from her body healing, Denny is improving very quickly. According to her mother, Chamala Denny, Jordahn has improved a lot in the last few weeks.

“Jordahn has started regaining her day-to-day memory and has become much more capable of conversation and making decisions,” said Chamala Denny.

Jordahn has continued with physical therapy and is able to accomplish the tasks asked of her in cognitive testing.

When asked about Jordahn’s condition, Chamala Denny said, “Her only response is that she doesn’t like it, but she understands what an amazing miracle it is that she is even alive, giving credit to God and His plans for her life.”

Jordahn’s physical therapist began an exercise program to help her build endurance and strength. He also introduced Jordahn to competitive activities that she can participate in her new circumstances.

“This has inspired her to push harder,” Chamala Denny said.

Besides being tired of the pain, Jordahn is looking forward to returning home.

“Jordahn misses socializing, friends and family,” said Chamala Denny. “That is one of the hardest things about being so far away from people she knows.”

People can send well wishes to Jordahn Denny, c/o Craig Hospital, 3425 South Clarkson St., Englewood, Colo., 80113.

“She really brightens when she gets cards,” Chamala Denny said.

The Dennys’ home community is currently having fundraisers to help with medical and home improvement expenses. All wanting to help can do so by contacting Michelle Kordopatis at 208-251-5332.

Donations are still being accepted in Jordahn Denny’s name at any Wells Fargo or US Bank branch.