UVU Rugby dominates the field against Oregon State winning by 34 points, and the team is only getting better.

“Our team just gets better every semester of play,” said second year head coach Gary Brown. And it has shown as the returning second place winners of last year’s division II team returns for another year of excellent rugby.

They have had a great run with last week’s victory over Oregon State and a big win over Boise State 42-12. “We played very well,” Brown said. “It was an important thing for us to beat Boise State.” The only loss the guys have seen was against the University of Utah last month, 32-7. However, they will get a second shot with home advantage this Saturday against the Utes.

Among some of the team’s key players is the freshman from Tonga, Fakaosilea Kaufusi, who plays scrum and half fly.

“He is so aggressive and physical … a definite boost to the team,” Brown said.

The team has high hopes to keep the ball rolling. “We have a lot of work to do.” But the team has proven to be hard working and is looking forward to the future.

The Wolverines will face Utah State the week after in another home field game and will head up to the Real stadium on the weekend of Nov. 7 and 8. They will face St. Mary’s College which “is ranked in the top two or three in the nation,” Brown said. “We will need to prepare for that.” The next day they will join up to watch the U.S international Rugby tournament.