For those looking for another sporting event to attend in the fall, UVU Rugby may just be one of UVU’s best-kept secrets.

During the 2008-09 season, UVU Rugby had quite the success which took them all the way to Nationals in Florida. “The team was consistently ranked in the Top 10 throughout the season,” said William Taulau Fale the Chief Operations Officer for UVU Rugby.

At Nationals UVU sadly lost to Arizona State, but Fale said, “We have learned lessons that will be beneficiary throughout the 2009-2010 season.”

Rugby teams often are seen as some of the closest teams and UVU’s team isn’t any different. “Rugby is a very team oriented sport,” says Fale. “This is because every player has the opportunity to be a decision maker and a play maker by carrying the ball and making quarterback like decisions because they have the ball in their hands.”

As for their upcoming season, Fale says their schedule will include, “schools such as Utah, Utah State, Weber State, Boise State, Snow College and other schools with which schedule negotiations are still being carried out.”

All are invited to watch UVU Rugby in their upcoming season. Games are held on the field behind the Education Building on campus.

In the off-season Fale says, “We have made some great preparations with both coaching, players, school relations and the whole culture of UVU Rugby. We know that this season is the beginning of something special and invite the whole school to come enjoy UVU Rugby at its best.”

UVU Rugby will begin their 2009-2010 season in September and will follow the fall season with a spring season.