UVU’s new track is nearing completion of phase one. Jake Buntjer/UVU Review

The track team has a new venue that is close to being complete, but they still need some help from the community to finish the new complex.

On the west side of campus off of 1200 West, the new Hal Wing Track and Field Complex is one month away from phase one being completed. This phase of the construction process is the completion of the actual track, but the complex will still be missing a few major necessities for the venue to be completely done.

Once funding comes through, phase two of the construction will begin. It consists of finalizing the venue with bleachers and storage units. The complex is still missing these features, which are necessary in making the track and field complex a whole.

The track and field team has never been able to host home events because there never has been a home facility to do so. In the past, they would rent Orem High School’s track for practice and when it came time for meets, they were constantly on the road.

“The track is a great addition to UVU and this is an exciting time for the team because they now have an actual facility,” said coach Scott Houle.

Even though the track is not entirely finished, the track and field team will still be holding events in the winter and four track meets this coming spring.

With the construction of the new complex, students and fans can support the team by attending track meets on campus when the complex is completed.