Owlz continue to fight for a playoff position and are showing no sign of slowing their pace.

It was a pitcher showdown last week that ended in an even series between the Owlz and the Casper Ghosts. Each team has won a total of eight games a piece, and now the Owlz face what could be a nice playoff position when they meet the Raptors this week.

Luis Jimenez, the infielder from the Dominican Republic, recently shattered the franchise home-run record last week, hitting his 15th of the season, surpassing the record set by Jeremy Moore in 2007.

The Owlz play the Raptors in Ogden and will travel back for their last 4 games of the regular season before the playoffs. They are pretty hot right now, with a 37-29 record — and a two game winning streak will keep their heat going on fan appreciation night. However, the Olwz sit on the best record in the league by far for away game performance, with 23 wins and eight loses. Backed up only by the Raptors with an 18-14 record.

The match up will be the first since Orem traveled to Ogden at the end of July and came up short 4-6, which was a home-run festival for the Raptors. In fact, it seems to always be an exciting derby for the two rivals when they meet. Orem still has a devastating lead over Ogden 9-2.

It just shows that when the Owlz are hot, there is no stopping them.