If you’re a sports fan on the campus of UVU, you should be well aware of what has been taking place on the university baseball field all summer. But if you were born in a barn, here’s what you’ve been missing.

Not only has the Utah Valley community been fortunate enough to have a Minor League baseball team playing nearby, it has one of the best and most consistent teams to boot. The Orem Owlz are winners of three of the last four Pioneer League championships, a feat impressive at any level of competition.

A solid team generally consists of solid players, and Orem has plenty to choose from. Pioneer League MVP Roberto Lopez has been tearing up the diamond all summer long. He has consistently batted right around .400 for the entire season to go along with 14 home runs and just over 70 RBIs. Keep in mind that these numbers are not collected over 162 games like in Major League, but in just over 70 as a part of the Angels rookie league system.

Batting just behind Lopez and with nearly equal numbers is Luis Jimenez. The third baseman/designated hitter has collected 15 home runs and just under 70 RBI’s while batting around .330. Opposing pitchers have to pick their poison.

If that’s not enough production at the plate, right fielder Angel Cabrerra has chipped in with 14 homers of his own and nearly 50 runs batted in. This is all without former first baseman Gabe Jacobo, whose offensive numbers were on pace to be to be on par with Lopez before being called up.

Mix the prowess at the plate with the dynamic pitching of Jayson Miller, who led the league in ERA, and you’ve got quite a team. It’s no wonder that the Owlz are again in position to win the Pioneer League. And it’s ultimately a testament to the winning ways of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.