By: Rachel Anderson — Sports Writer

Pride, spirit and unity is what sets this Utah Valley club aside from any other on campus. The Mighty Athletic Wolverine League (MAWL) is for those students, whether a sports lover or not, who thrive to show school spirit to support Wolverine athletics.
Everything from women’s volleyball and softball to men’s basketball and baseball, the MAWL sports pass offers free admission to every regular season NCAA home game at UVU for the entire school year.
Aubree Hill, president of the MAWL club has some exciting activities planned for the upcoming school year for Utah Valleys MAWL members.
“I plan to make the club more of a unified atmosphere,” Hill said. “The MAWL will be meeting together before games so that way its more unified going into the game and a statement will be made while the MAWL is there.”
Not only is MAWL a great way to get involved and meet new people but it includes many benefits that are simply not worth missing. Any MAWL sponsored event such as tailgates, BBQ’s and activities thrown throughout the year will be free, including the food, for MAWL members.
“It’s the easiest, quickest way to get involved at UVU,” Hill said.“Especially for sports lovers.”

During the fall semester, MAWL passes can be used to watch men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, volleyball and wrestling team’s as they battle for team victories.
During the spring semester, MAWL passes can be used to watch UVU baseball and softball at Brent Brown Ballpark and in the Wolverine Stadium.
Each MAWL pass cost $15 for UVU students. Freshman students get lucky with a discounted price for $10 if purchased at back to school orientation. Each pass includes a MAWL t-shirt, lanyard and bracelet to go along with the school spirit brought to each and every game.
It’s Hill’s hope that all students will join MAWL today and bring UVU that school spirit it’s been waiting for.
“The MAWL is the next best thing on campus,” Hill said. Passes can be purchased by visiting Campus Connections located in UVU’s student center.
In the words of Utah Valleys athletic fight song “follow your colors be through and through, mighty wolverines of UVU. Stand up and cheer mighty green because we are the proud Wolverines!”