Although New York Knicks head coach and team president Isaiah Thomas is planning to appeal, he was found liable for sexual harassment against Anucha Browne Sanders, a former Knicks marketing executive. If the ruling holds, it isn’t Thomas who will be forking over the more than $11 million in damages, it is his boss who will pay. Madison Square Garden (MSG) owns the Knicks, and MSG president James Dolan was ordered to pay the money for expecting Browne Sanders to work while being harassed.

College football
A Memphis University football player was fatally shot last week. Taylor Bradford, a 5’11", 300-pound defensive lineman, was apparently shot near his apartment complex Sept. 30. Class was cancelled Monday following the incident and students returned to school Tuesday. Memphis still played its football game against Marshall Tuesday night.

The Atlanta Falcons want Michael Vick to pay back more than $22 million in bonus money. Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank and general manager Rich McKay attended the hearing where two lawyers representing the NFL players association defended Vick. Vick’s problems continue to mount. He plead guilty to dog fighting charges in August, a Canadian Bank filed a lawsuit against Vick because he defaulted on a $2.5 million line of credit, he tested positive for Marijuana last month and now the Falcons want money.

Track and Field
After denying that she used steroids Marion Jones admitted using steroids before the 2000 Olympics. Jones pleaded guilty to charges connected to her steroid use last week. Jones said she took "the clear" for two years and that she received the steroids from her coach Trevor Graham. Jones could be stripped of her five gold medals she won during the Sydney Olympics. Barry Bonds could be next.