Harrison sued after shooting incident last spring

As if the Colts needed any more on their plate after an unusually slow start to the NFL season, wide receiver Marvin Harrison is being sued by the victim of an April 29 shooting in which the weapon used was allegedly licensed to Harrison. Harrison admitted to being in a fight with Dwight Dixon, the alleged victim, prior to the shooting, but denied having any part in the shooting. The Pro-Bowl receiver has not been charged with any crime, but Dixon is going ahead with the civil suit, seeking $100,000 in damages.

Jaguar receiver avoids legal system, heads to drug court

The trouble following NFL players continues as Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Matt Jones heads to drug court after being arrested on July 10. Allegedly, Fayetteville officer saw Jones in a car, cutting cocaine with a credit card. Jones will attend drug court rather than the regular criminal system, which will keep the charge off his record. The receiver will undergo a 9-12 month intervention program.