Armstrong joins Astana

In need of a team after announcing his return to the sport of cycling to race in the 2009 Tour de France, seven-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong announced that he will ride for team Astatna. The move was anticipated, as Armstrong’s long time team director Johan Bruyneel will be guiding him through the race after leading Lance in his seven wins. In an effort to prove his innocence in doping allegations, Armstrong has hired an anti-doping expert to test him at any time and post the results on the Internet. If Armstrong wins, he will break his own record for most Tour wins.

Millen out in Detroit

After starting another fruitless NFL season 0-3, the Detroit Lions fired team president Matt Millen. Under Millen the Lions have had the worst record in the league at 31-84, a mere .270 winning percentage since 2001. After Bill Ford Jr., son of Lions owner William Clay Ford, made comments about firing Millen, the action was carried out on Wednesday by the elder Ford.