As I have walked around on campus the last week and a half, I’ve noticed students showing some blue, red and other colors, but not much green.

It’s okay to be a fan of the blue school, red school or another school, but let’s all be fans of the green school that we attend.

I will admit that I am a very big blue fan and I have been since childhood. But as a student of the green university, I have learned during my time here that in order to fully enjoy my education and get the most out of my student fees, being a fan of the green team makes it that much more exciting.

UVU has an amazing athletics program with teams that compete at the NCAA Division I level and in the past have done very well at that level.

Watching our athletic teams win multiple conference championships last season alone was a wake-up call to me that UVU athletics are on their way up.

Women’s volleyball and soccer have already begun their seasons and basketball begins in October. As students, we can watch many of their games right here on campus.

The Mighty Athletic Wolverine League (MAWL) offers students a cheap way to be part of a student fan base where as students we can show our green.

True sports fans will understand that the teams we all love need us to be there for them.

Imagine if an arena or stadium remained empty or was only spotted with a few spectators during a game or an entire season. I think we can all imagine what that team’s record would be at the end of the season.

Even though some of us may attend a blue or red game during the same season that ourgreen teams are playing, we can still show our school colors and our school spirit.

Let’s show our colors. I’ll see you at the games.