The Wolverines played their last three games of the 2008-2009 season during the Division I Independent Tournament hosted by UVU March 5-7 and came away with the title.

The Wolverines played three games in three nights. It began with them facing NJIT for the third time this season. UVU came away with a 75-66 win.

An intense first half left the Wolverines with only a four-point lead at the break. UVU came out strong into the second half, giving NJIT no chance to take a lead.

Robyn Fairbanks scored an impressive 40 points to go along with her 16 rebounds. Julie McMurray recorded UVU’s first triple double, scoring 19 points, having 10 rebounds and 10 assists. Asumi Nakayama contributed eight points and kept up her consistency with five assists.

The next night, UVU was back on the court for game two facing Longwood University. Once again, the Wolverines came away with a 81-73 win. Fairbanks had a rough night in foul trouble and eventually fouled out, but was able to contribute nine points and eight rebounds.

With Fairbanks out for nearly half of the game, teammate Sandy Wall and McMurray contributed high numbers. Wall had an impressive 26 points, five rebounds, and five assists. McMurray contributed 23 points with eight rebounds.

Game three was against Chicago State. By the half, it seemed UVU already had the game won. With a 23-point lead at the half, UVU kept up momentum and played their hearts out till the clock ran out. The Wolverines finished with an 80-55 win taking the championship into their hands.

Fairbanks became the 20th player in NCAA history to record 2,500 career points and 1,000 rebounds. Fairbanks fouled out with less than nine minutes to go, finishing her final game.

With just over one minute to go, Wall, Beaman, Smith and Bowen began subbing out, finishing their final game at UVU. Each senior, as they walked off the court, received a standing ovation from the crowd, congratulating them on their impressive careers at UVU.

It was an emotional moment at center court for the players as they took their last run around the court and congratulated each other on an incredible season.

With the song ‘We Are the Champions’ playing, each team member stepped up on a ladder and cut down a piece of the net.