Intramurals is a word many students don’t immediately associate with sports, or even know the definition of.

Webster’s Dictionary defines intramurals as recreational sports organized within a school. The term originates from the words intra muros meaning inside the walls, indicating that games are conducted between members of the same school.

Inside UVU’s school walls, intramurals is gearing up for the new semester, offering a wide variety of sports with over 5,000 students who compete each year. One of the sports offered this semester, 5-on-5 basketball will once again be the most popular among students. Intramurals basketball plans to have over 200 to 300 players to compete this semester.

“Basketball is the largest intramurals sport played in spring semester,” said Bo Earls director of intramurals and sport clubs. “We have over 25 to 30 teams each semester and we plan for that number to grow.”

Other than basketball, students can choose from 10 to 15 sports depending on demand. Soccer, volleyball, softball, racquetball and tennis are all offered.

Sports are not the only activities offered by intramurals; over 40 events have been planned. A sports night is scheduled each month until the end of the semester. At center stage a big screen is put up in the student center with free pizza and drinks.
If playing or watching sports is not your thing then intramurals has X-Box night, pool tournaments and chess tournaments for those who don’t want to break a sweat.

This semester Earls said that intramurals plans to focus on making disc golf more popular on campus. Students rarely use the course or rental discs on campus. Earl says tournaments are offered every month and hopes to have a better turn out.

To learn more about intramurals at UVU, you can visit the UVU Intramurals Office, situated opposite of the UVU bookstore, or visit their Web site at