This semester, intramurals have allowed students to compete with members of their own school in their favorite sports, like basketball and soccer, without belonging to an official campus team. It also provided many activities for students to get involved.

Though the semester is coming to a close, intramurals still have much to offer students the last few weeks of school, like a golf tournament on April 14, Dodge Ball Night on April 16t, disc golf tournament April 21 and the Stress Bustin’ 5k the April 22.

“You know we have a lot to offer students on campus,” said Bo Earls Director of Intramurals. “Something students don’t try is disc golf. It’s open 24 hours a day as long as you obey campus rules. Our growth with more sports has stopped because no new facilities have been made but we are adding more holes to expand it to a 18 hole course.”

So, how good is the disc golf on campus?

Earls says it’s not the best in Utah, but it’s pretty awesome. Because it’s free and has new additions, the course is going to be much better than before.

If you are stressing the end of the semester, Bo Earls suggests running in their Stress Bustin’ 5k that usually brings all types of athletes. If you are not familiar with intramurals, it may be good to know that they not only offer competition but also leisure activities like watching March Madness in Centre Stage on the big screen with free pizza — just in case playing and competing isn’t really your thing. The most recent March Madness Night had about 40 to 50 people.

To learn more about the activities offered, you can visit the UVU intramurals office, located opposite the UVU bookstore, or visit their Web site at