Monday 27th

The intramural department is hosting a live sports night for NFL: Indiana Colts face off with the Tennessee Titans at 6 p.m. The match is tipped to be a cracker, and it surely will not disappoint. In addition, there will be free pizza and drinks. This event is due to take place at Centre Stage opposite the bookstore. Bring a friend along and keep the rivalry going.

Wednesday 29th

There will be a bowling competition at Fat Cats. Whether you’re pro, amateur or have never bowled before, participate and you will have a good time. The bowling fees are around $7, and the event kicks of at 6 p.m.

Thursday 30th

The Halloween run/walk 5 kilometer will start at 10 a.m., below and outside the Hall of Flags. To enroll for the marathon, $10 fee is required in advance and $15 the day of, either to be paid at Campus Connection (where normally school identity cards are issued). Upon payment, participants will be given a T-shirt. There will be many prizes to be won, and lots of fun to be had.

Intramurals is always about fun, competition and socials. As they say, “Enthusiasm is the antidote to boredom.”

So instead of whiling away time on a dull day, visit the intramurals department opposite the bookstore and find something that suits you. Besides, there are always great prizes to be won.