What do a honey badger, UVU and MMA have in common?  Those attending Friday’s Showdown fights found that those three things have a lot in common when it comes to the Bantamweight (135-pounds) fighter Trever Mellen.


Mellen is a local fighter who attended UVU, whose nickname is “the honey badger.” He’s a fierce competitor with a drive to win, which would explain his nickname.



“I liked the YouTube video about the honey badger,” Meller said. “People already called me badger, and with this funny video people just related it to me.”


Meller was also a former wrestler at Payson High School. He was a two-time runner-up in the state championships at the 135-pound class. He accredits his time wrestling to really what has helped him become the fighter that he is and feels that this will be a deciding factor in his showdown fight.


“I feel like we are pretty equal as fighters” Meller said, “but I think my grappling is better, and I will try to expose his weakness to win.”


For Trever, a wrestling match is not what he intended on doing. He wanted to put on a show for the fans and give the spectators what they come to see with MMA fights.


“With MMA, people don’t want to see the fight go to decision,” Meller said. “If I feel like I can out him I will, or I will take him to the ground and submit him.”


Meller feels that this event is huge for the sport here in the state. With the popularity of the sport growing, the people that attend the event will not be disappointed.


“With the showdown fights, you get the elite fighters of Utah,” Meller said. “And the elite fighters from other states come in and fight, a lot of these fighters are on the crest of going into UFC.”


The future looks great for this promising local fighter. Whether or not he makes it to the big time, he has his career set. He plans on fighting as long as he can. His fallback plans include coaching wrestling, teaching MMA or even owning a gym.


“I want to fight as long as my body will let me and climb the ladder,” Meller said. “My goal is to make it to UFC and have a long career. If not, I still had fun.”


Mellen is in fights around the state, with anticipation for  him to do well and add some victories to his 10-2 professional record.



By Garrett Coleman
Sports Writer