It’s no secret that UVU and its students miss out on the school-spirit-building euphoria that is college football. The lack of a football team on campus has been tackled numerous times and status on the issue remains the same: don’t hold your breath. In the meantime, however, there is no better way to spend your Saturday than taking it all in on a national level.

After the mighty Trojans of USC took it on the chin from Oregon State and the third ranked Bulldogs of Georgia concentrated more on which jerseys to wear than the Nick Saban led Crimson Tide on the other side of the ball, the upset bug has been in the air. And it doesn’t stop there.

Florida and Wisconsin also became victims as four top-ten teams fell clearing the way for several unsuspecting programs. Since the insertion of the BCS, a non-BCS team hasn’t cracked the top ten this early in the season except the BYU Cougars, thanks to all the upsets. Not far behind the Cougars sit the Utah Utes, another local team looking to shake up the BCS picture.

As the two rivals continue down the college football gauntlet on a collision course that will culminate in a Nov. 22 grudge match in Rice-Eccles Stadium, sports fans that attend UVU will be forced to choose a side that isn’t their own.

A lack of school spirit has plagued the Wolverine sports programs for years, and this year, even with the improving MAWL, appears no different. A guaranteed solution would be a Saturday well spent on campus cheering on a successful Wolverine football team. While not cheap, and not foreseeable in the near future, a football team would bring the university together. Until then, UVU students will continue to sit on the sideline during the beloved college football season.