With some seniors ready to play their final season as Wolverines, some returning sophomores and juniors and a few freshmen, the women’s basketball team is ready to show what they can do.

As a team their goal will be about what they can achieve this season. “The goal is to reach our potential, and this year I think we probably have more potential than we’ve had in the past,” said head coach Cathy Nixon. “My goal every year is to help them become what they are capable of. I think we are a very good team, and I think this can be a historical year for Utah Valley women’s basketball. And I think the stage is set for that.”

“We feel like it’s a year where we have the talent to compete nationally against some of the top teams, and we’ve really aligned those teams on our schedule,” Nixon said.
That talent Nixon talks about includes Robyn Fairbanks, a senior from Raymond, Alberta. Fairbanks will play her final year as a Wolverine this season. “Fairbanks is a special player,” Nixon added. “She obviously will be a focal point in what we do in many ways. I anticipate that she is going to have a fantastic year.”

Returning guard Sandy Marvin-Wall, a senior from Spring Lake, will also play her final year at UVU. “I’m excited for Sandy,” Nixon said. “I think that this is the year that she’s going to put it all together. She’s made great strides in every year that she’s been here. I know she’s going to be a big impact for our team.”

Julie McMurray, a junior from Cardston, Alberta, is a returning player this year who is looking to show great potential. “I think Julie is going to have one of those breakout years,” Nixon said. “She’s stronger, more confident, and I think ready to compete and play at this level in a way she hasn’t done in the past.”

“I really see that Nakayama will have a big impact on our program this year as well, and I think she is going to have one of those years that we’ve known she could have,” Nixon said. Asumi Nakayama is a returning junior from Saitama, Japan.

Two freshmen starting in the program this year are Erika Newbold from South Jordan and Jenna Johnson from Salem. “We’re really grateful that they’re in our program, and I foresee both of them getting playing time and making a contribution,” Nixon said.
Their season starts Friday Nov. 14, when the Wolverines host Montana State. “The kids are just ready for the gate to open,” Nixon concluded.