During autumn, a lot of things start changing. However, in mid-November, there are two certainties: Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and college football is in full force.

In college football, some things never change. The SEC is still one of the most dominant conferences in the country, and as of Nov. 14, they have four teams in the top 25.

The other seemingly unchangeable force is the BCS and how it disappoints college football fans all across the country.

In 2008 the Big 12 has also made its presence felt, supplying five teams in the top 25, three of which are in the top five. The Big 12 is led by their plethora of great college quarterbacks.

There are four Big 12 quarterbacks who have a legitimate chance of winning the Heisman: Graham Harrell, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel.

The non-BCS conferences are also trying to make some noise in the polls, but it seems that they may just not be loud enough to get a BCS bid. Utah, Boise State and Ball State are all undefeated and not getting the credit they deserve. On the other hand, these teams may not deserve any credit, but only time will tell.

The BCS always has problems, and this year is no different. With four weeks left in the regular season, not many can argue with Alabama and Texas Tech, both unbeaten, being the top two teams in the country.

However, there are still four weeks left, which means there is almost certainly going to be some disappointed college football devotees.

The college football season is coming to a close, and there is no telling what will happen. Though college football does have its imperfections, the one guarantee is that it will be exciting until the very end.