Even though the UVU Football Club team went undefeated and won a league championship in its first season, it has been anything but easy for the students who are trying to build a program at UVU.


The dream of several students became a reality last fall when they successfully founded the university’s first club football team. In their first season, despite their inexperience, they were able to easily handle their competition.


“Nobody really posed a challenge to us except for ourselves,” said James Anderson, the team’s running back and MVP of last season’s championship game.



Entering their second season brings new challenges including a new league, new members and a step up in talent and competition. They play in the Utah Tackle Football League with other semi-professional football teams from around the state. Several teams in the league already have their sights set on giving UVU their first lost.


“We saw on Facebook, and some of the league officials have told us that the other teams have been talking smack and are coming back to challenge us,” said club president Alan Sheffer. “We feel like we have a target on our back. It is always a challenge going against new teams that you aren’t familiar with and you haven’t planned for.”


But Anderson was quick express confidence the team can get it done.


“We are more serious, talented, and diverse than other teams in the league,” Anderson said. “We are going to work harder than other teams to make sure we win.”


Probably more than winning another championship, the team is looking to gain respect from their peers and to take one step closer to building a program.


“We want to build a program and we have to show that we aren’t a couple of guys playing football. We got to look like we are serious,” Anderson said. “This is our humble beginning.  We have to start somewhere and even though it isn’t glamorous playing in what would be classified as little league this isn’t our future it is our start. There is plenty of room to grow.”


The first game will be March 3. For more information about the team and league visit www.hitsomeone.com.


By Sam Hancock
Sports Writer