September marks the beginning of the season for recruiters and students who wish to play sports with Utah Valley University’s intramurals program. With options like basketball, flag football, co-ed dodge ball, co-ed soccer and co-ed volleyball, students have a wide selection, and getting on a team has been made easier through a new website that UVU accepted this year. is a website that was designed by intramural directors, for intramural directors with the intent to help organize a universities game schedule, teams and sign-ups on one website. Once a student is registered with the site, they are able create a team or request to be on another.

Andrew Packard is a freshman at UVU and is participating in his first year in an intramural basketball team.

“I like how the games are posted, I like how the schedule is all there,” Packard said. “It’s a good site.”


“I think the use of the gives people an opportunity,” Assistant Intramural Director Caleb Reeve said. “If you’re new and you don’t know anyone, you’re less likely to play an intramural sport.”

Reeve hopes the website will make it easier for more students to join intramurals, regardless of who they know on campus. This year, the directors of the intramural program felt that the switch to the website was a success.

“We had a really good turn out,” Reeve said regarding the number of basketball teams. “We’re playing 10 games every Wednesday.”

Wednesday night was the first game night for the 21 teams signed up for intramural basketball. From 6 to 11 p.m. the different teams rotated through the courts of the Physical Education building participating in competitive play.

If any students are wishing to still sign up for an intramural sport, it’s not too late. By going onto and creating an account, students will have access to team information, be able to request a spot on a specific team or join a free-agent list.