Junior Alex Exon pounded two homers in last weeks’ game to help the Wolverines to victory over the Utes. Kira Terry/UVU Review

Playing them for the second time this season, the Wolverines gave a home crowd quite the show, beating the Utes 12-4 last Tuesday.

“I was really proud of what they did. We worked pretty hard at some certain things yesterday and we’re real detail-specific and they really made some big adjustments to it,” said Coach Eric Madsen. “I was real pleased with that. Obviously we want to win, but that’s what I was hoping for was to see guys play a little better baseball. We still have a long ways to go with that, but I was definitely pleased with how they went about it.”

Earlier this season, the Utes got the big win, 15-3, over the Wolverines, but last Tuesday was all about the Wolverines on their home diamond.

The Wolverines got things started off early by scoring one in the bottom of the second inning and then following with five in the third and three in the fourth and sixth.

Utah went four innings before bringing in a single run in the top of the fifth, two in the seventh and once in the eighth.

In the bottom of the fourth, with juniors Goose Kallunki and Austin Heaps on bases, junior Alex Exon stepped up to the plate. Exon hit a home run high over left field to bring both Kallunki and Heaps in, putting the Wolverines up 4-0 over the Utes.

The Utes then saw their first pitching change of the game, putting in junior Blake Golding for red-shirt freshman Nick Green.

Their second pitching change would come in the next inning after the Wolverines put another two runs on the board off of senior Chris Benson.

After another inning and into the bottom of the seventh, the Utes again had to make another pitching change when Exon again hit a high home run over left field to add three more runs to the board for the Wolverines, securing them the victory.

After returning home from the road this last weekend at North Dakota, the Wolverines will remain at home this week as they begin their 10-day homestand against Great West Conference opponent Chicago State on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. The Wolverines will play Chicago State again on Saturday in a double header and Sunday for a single game.