With the frailty of the economy and the uncertainty in the stock market, the safest investment to put your whole soul into is sports. In a controlled setting you can invest your time, attention and passion into something you have no control over without the risk of substantial loss.

Anyone who has ever felt emotionally connected to a sports franchise knows the disappointment felt when your team comes up short and has let you down. Look at Cubs fans. They’ve never felt anything other than frustration. However, we all know the beleaguered story of the Boston Red Sox and how sweet it is for Sox fans now that they’ve won two World Series titles since 2004, although they’re becoming greedy.
While there is always the option to give up on your team or on sports in general, there are still some redeeming qualities to athletic competition. Searching for a new hobby is nary a prescription to a tough loss, so put down your magic cards and your newfound love of anime and continue to support your team, win or lose or draw.

Within the sports world, heroes are made and legends are formed. Records are broken and new heights are reached. Accomplishments by unheralded individuals and teams are attained against all odds. A guy like Derrick Fisher flies across the country after caring for his sick daughter to achieve a big defensive stop and nail a decisive three-pointer, to help the Jazz win a tough playoff game. Personal bests are realized and confidence grows.

There are too many reasons to continue to invest in sports. The sheer competition causes winners to rise to the occasion and non-winners to try their very best. The best thing about sports is that there are no real losers. While your team might come out on the wrong side of the scoreboard, the world won’t stop spinning and the sun still will definitely come up in the morning.