Utah Valley basketball will look to make a splash this off-season with several players who could be playing professional basketball next year. And one in particular has been considered as one of the top senior prospects in the country. If you were thinking Ryan Toolson, leading scorer for the men’s basketball team, you would be off the mark.

Utah Valley’s Robyn Fairbanks, currently leading the nation in scoring, has been listed among the most efficient basketball players in the nation and is being considered for the WNBA Draft, which will take place on April 9th. At weeks end Fairbanks was averaging 26.2 points a game and 10.7 rebounds. Not only is Fairbanks a double-double machine, but she is also a leader on the floor.

In this, her senior season, Fairbanks has led her team in points and rebounds in 13 games and has been named Great West Player of the Week seven out of the 14 weeks the award has been handed out. She was named as an All-American in her junior and sophomore seasons and there is no reason she shouldn’t be named for a third time as an All-American performer.

However, you wouldn’t know any of this by talking to her. She is as candid about her accomplishments as a criminal being interrogated and shies from the limelight by crediting her teammates and coaches at every opportunity. She led the Wolverines to a record-setting 16-win season a year ago and has her team on pace to match that mark again this year.

As Ryan Toolson continues to make headlines for the men’s team, and Fairbanks does the same for the women’s team, it appears Utah Valley has one of the best one-two combinations of basketball superstars in the country. As Fairbanks’ career at Utah Valley winds down, she may find herself with little vacation time before potentially suiting up for a WNBA team this summer.