Chantel Asper was the lucky winner of $1000 at the UVU men’s basketball against Utah State, Dec. 18.
Courtesy of UVU Athletics

Besides the phenomenal athleticism you will witness at the UVU men’s basketball games, $1,000 could be in store for you at one of the next four games.

For the 2010-11 men’s basketball season, the UVU Athletic Department teamed up with Pinnacle Security to give away $1000 to one lucky student at each men’s basketball game this season.

“We wanted to try to inspire better attendance at men’s basketball, and we thought we would come up with something that everyone needed in their lives,” said Nate Mathis, assistant AD, Corporate Partners and Marketing for UVU Athletics. “Instead of maybe doing something like a product, we thought everyone could utilize extra cash in some way or another.”

Every student loves extra cash, and some of this season’s winners completely agree. “I was so happy I cried,” said Summer Hagberg, a member of the MAWL committee. “I only had two tickets in the entry. I leaped over the railing and grabbed my check.”

The lucky recipient at the record attending game against Utah State almost didn’t attend the game that night. “It was crazy because I wasn’t even planning on going to the game,” said Chantel Asper. “A friend told me to go put my name in, and so I entered. I never win anything, it was crazy!”

Each winner thus far has had an exciting story of what they’ve done with their winings.

“I was fortunate to start my own savings account, so I put all of it into a savings account and have been able to build off of that,” said Hagberg.

Asper used her winnings a little differently. “That night, I took a group of friends to dinner and I’m going on a cruise in two weeks,” said Asper.

Thus far, 11 students have won $1000, and, with the season winding down, students have only four more chances to enter for their chance at the cash.

The more games you attend, the better your chances at walking away with the cash. Each time students attend a game and enter the drawing at the Pinnacle Security table, their entries carry over to the next drawing.

The next opportunity for students to enter will be when the Wolverines return to home court to host the University of Texas-Pan American in the Activity Center at 7 p.m. for Throwback 80’s night.