Bryan Gomm/UVU Review

Wendy’s fast food restaurant is holding a fun contest for students to get creative, and perhaps experience a bit of fame, with naming a new UVU-specific Signature Recipe.

The restaurant had a booth set up during the Week of Welcome where students could create a new secret recipe by combining ingredients and ideas. Those recipes have been noted and will be tried and tested on Sept. 1 by volunteers who signed up at the booth. Those volunteers will decide on the best recipe and then vote on an appropriate name.

Similar to In & Out Burger’s secret “animal style” option, the Wendy’s restaurant on University Parkway, across the street from campus, will have a secret UVU option.  Some names that have already been considered are Wolverine Style, Mean & Green, Wild Willy and Mawlsome.

The recipe and name will be decided on Sept. 1, and will be available to order shortly thereafter.