“Dance is my life, and performing is what I love to do most,” said Randi Evans, 23-year-old UVU student and top ten finalist on season five of So You Think You Can Dance. Born in Provo and currently residing in Springville, Randi admits it’s surreal for people to recognize her and know her name. Randi will join the other nine finalists from season five on a nationwide dance tour, performing in Utah on November 7th at the E-Center. She encourages other dancers to never give up on their dreams. “It took me three years to get on the show,” said Randi, “but all that perseverance and hard work really paid off.”

Q&A with Randi Evans

Q: How has your life changed since being on the show?

A: I can’t believe how much things have changed since being on the show. Everywhere I go someone will recognize me and come to say hi. It’s very surreal to me that anybody would even know who I am. But I am super grateful for how many opportunities have come my way.

Q: What critique received from the judges did you try to apply? Did you feel their critiques were fair?

A: They mostly told me to just relax and go out of my comfort zone. For the most part I thought they were fair. The only thing I would say was a little unfair would be when they commented on my wig for the paso doble. No, it wasn’t my choice if anybody was wondering, haha!

Q: What was the best/worst thing about being on the show?

A: Best was being able to do what I love every single day and get to share that with the rest of America! Dance is my life, and performing is what I love to do the most. Also, getting the opportunity to learn all these different styles of dance that I don’t think I would have otherwise. Worst thing would probably be not being able to be with my family. I missed my husband so much!

Q: Given the chance, would you do the show again?

A: Absolutely! Even though there were hard times and struggles, it was all worth it in the end and if anything, [it] just made me a stronger person.

Q: What misconceptions do you think others have about the show?

A: Probably that it’s just about dance when so many other things come into play. There is a lot of behind the scenes that no one really gets to see. All the hours of rehearsals that we put in, along with wardrobe fittings, hair and makeup, interviews, stuff like that. I think that when it comes down more towards the end, it’s a lot about popularity along with the dancing.

Q: What advice would you give to other dancers?

A: It sounds so cliché, but I would say to never ever give up on your dreams. It took me three years to get on the show, but all that perseverance and hard work really paid off. Believe that dreams come true every day, because they do!

Q: What style of dance was the hardest to pick up on the show?

A: I would have to say the jive was really challenging for me. I promise it looks a lot easier than it really is, but what a blast to perform!

Q: Do you plan to continue dancing, and if so, what is the next step for you?

A: Oh definitely. I really have no idea what is up next for me besides the tour which starts in about a month. After that, we’ll see.

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew before trying out for the show?

A: That you have to be prepared for anything! You never know what they’re going to throw at you next.

Some quiz with Randi

1. Favorite music to dance to:

a) Rock

b) Country

c) Classical

d) Hip hop

2. I dance to:

a) Express myself

b) Stay fit

c) Make money

d) Have fun

3. I don’t get enough:

a) Sleep

b) Privacy

c) Friend time

d) Study time

4. I would like to work on:

a) Ballroom dancing

b) Latin dancing

c) Swing dancing

d) Modern dancing


1. D

2. All of the above!

3. I would say “A” but my husband would definitely disagree.

4. A and B


RJ stands for Randi Junior. My dad’s name is Randy, so I am named after him.

In 5 years I will be:

Who knows! Hopefully still dancing and [I] would love to have a family.

Most embarrassing dancing moment:

Probably when I slipped and fell on my face at a dance audition for NYCDA when I was, like, 10. I was horrified! But luckily my mom was in the room so I immediately ran to her!

I wish I could be more:

On time! I am always late no matter how hard I try. It bugs me so bad!